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  • Avoid overwatering. Excessive moisture is conducive to insect activity including roaches, earwigs, ants, and mosquitos. Remember, insects are food for spiders.
  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed and away from the home. They can be a hiding place for spiders.
  • Keep items away from the walls inside the garage. These dark places tend to become perfect homes for Blackwidow spiders.
  • Avoid keeping items next to exterior walls and declutter as much as possible on the outside of your home or business. 

Not too many people like spiders! They usually come out when least expected and can be terrifying to many. Some of them are out in the open, while others are in dark places such as attics, under crawl spaces, or in the garage.   In order to control spiders it is very important to maintain a pest control program on your home or business. There are 3 ways that a pest control program will help control spider activity on your property. The first is by taking away their food (insects). Naturally there is very little insect activity with a pest control program. The second way a service is helpful is the fact that their webs (home) are removed during each service. Without their webs it is difficult to catch food.  Lastly, spider populations are decreased drastically during the course of actual treatment. Our Wow Pest Control professionals will treat all areas where they hide and notify you when there is a condition that is causing spider activity. If you live next to a field or near a large body of water, you definitely are in need of regular maintenance on your home to protect against spiders. Call Today and start protecting your family or business.