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 Crickets look similar to grasshoppers. They have long hind legs that allow  them to jump, long flattened bodies, and long antennae. It's usually only  the males that you hear chirping. You'll notice that you mostly hear them at  night. This is because they are nocturnal. Crickets feed on organic material  and decaying plant matter. They also may look for other injured crickets to  feed on if food isn't available.

 Preventative Tips:

  • Keep grass and plants trimmed.
  • Ensure that your garbage can is sealed shut at all times.
  • Apply caulking to all areas where they can enter your home.
  • Make sure that all doors have weather-stripping.
  • Use LED lights when possible on the exterior. Bright lights attract crickets.



 Earwigs are brown to black in color, about 1/4"-11/2" in length and are easily  identified by their forceps. ( They are given the nickname "pincher bugs" by  many people after their forceps) These insects are attracted to high moisture  areas where there is mulch or decaying matter. They prefer to feed on  insects that are dead or alive, but will survive off of  decaying organic matter,  moss, fungi, or even house plants. They are typically seasonal pests. They  are most commonly seen around spring and fall.  They can cling onto  humans using their forceps. This feels like a pinch. They aren't harmful to  humans, but can be annoying. The myth about earwigs is that they can  enter your ears while sleeping and can't exit, that they feed on brains. This  is a myth.

 Prevention Tip: To prevent Earwigs it is very important to avoid overwatering  as it will cause moss, fungi, and constant moisture; these are conducive  conditions for earwigs. Earwigs are usually present in flower beds with mulch.  It's important to have a regular pest control program to treat these areas to  control them.

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