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Mosquitoes are commonly found in Bakersfield and Kern County. We see them mostly between the months of March and October.  Most recently, we have been finding the Aedes mosquito which has become the most aggressive mosquito to our area. The Aedes mosquito prefers to feed on humans and tends to make their homes near our residences. They can spread diseases such as Zika, dengue, chiung, and yellow fever. They are very small and sometimes can’t be easily spotted.  Other common mosquitoes found in Bakersfield and Kern County are the Culex and Anopheles mosquitoes. Culex mosquitoes can be carriers of the West Nile Virus. They tend to feed on birds and other animals rather than humans, but will settle for humans when no other options are around. The Anopheles mosquito was known to spread Malaria before it was eradicated in the United States.  

At Wow Pest Control Inc, we are now proud to offer our Mosquito Reduction Program. We implement a multi-step process to help reduce the mosquito population surrounding your home. 

Step 1: Before service begins, we interview all of our clients to gain a better understanding of the property and what kind of activity levels have been noticed. This helps us be as effective as possible with our treatment approach. 

Step 2: Following our interview, we begin the inspection process. During this step, we inspect the property for potential breeding sites such as: high moisture areas, ponds, landscape drains, gutters, and foliage. This allows us to identify areas with conducive conditions on your property.

Step 3: It's now time to treat the areas found during inspection that are high moisture areas and potential breeding sites. We use an insect growth regulator to prevent mosquito eggs or larvae from developing into biting adults. We also perform a fine mist treatment to all of the foliage areas and potential breeding locations to provide maximum treatment potential. This helps knock down the current population and provide lasting control in those areas until your next visit. 

Step 4: To assist in reducing current activity levels, we utilize Ovi-Catch Mosquito Stations in shaded areas to attract flying mosquitoes. Once they enter the station, the become trapped and can't escape.

Step 5: Finally, we provide you an in-depth report of our findings and let you know what to expect. 

Prevention Recommendations

  •  Eliminate any sources of standing water. 

  •  Ensure any pool water or small ponds are treated regularly and continually  circulate.

  • Regularly clean the debris out of your gutters.

  • Hire Wow Pest Control Inc.

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