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 Residential Pest Control Service

We take a step by step approach in serving our residential customers. This way we won't miss a beat on your property. We always begin with an interview with you or the resident as well as a full inspection of the property. This allows us to identify what pest problems are currently present at the property and allows us to develop a treatment plan before work begins. Following this, we begin removing all wasps nests or webs within reach. We then treat around all of the entry points including doors and windows. This will treat current pests as well as prevent pests from entering in the near future. Once that is complete, we move on to resolving the pest concerns that where brought up during the inspection/interview process. After current concerns are resolved, it's time to provide a preventative treatment on the perimeter. We treat along the perimeter of your home to prevent future activity on the property. Once we are all finished, we provide you with a report detailing the service and what you can expect. We provide a guarantee on service. If you have pest problems in-between services, we'll return at no additional cost. We provide residential pest control services to Bakersfield and Kern County.

 Commercial Pest Control Service

We create a scope of work custom designed to fit the needs of your business. Not all businesses are the same. Before a treatment program is proposed, we take a walk and inspect your business or facility and identify potential or current pest activity. We take an IPM approach. As a partner with your business, we will treat and prevent future pest infestations. All businesses are guaranteed in-between services. If you have a concern arise between services, we will return at no additional charge. We provide Commercial pest control services in Bakersfield, CA

Bed Bug Treatments

Bed Bugs are on the rise. They show up when least expected, are very good at hiding, and can cause a lot of mental anguish. Correct Treatment involves professional training and the right equipment and processes. We'd like to help you put away your bed bug worries. We are extensively bed bug trained and are confident that we can rid your home or place from bed bug activity. Call today for a full inspection and quote.

Rodent Control

Wow Pest Control has extensive experience in rodent control. There are several steps to take to control rodent activity. The first step is to inspect thoroughly and identify where the rodents are entering the structure and exclude them from entry. During the inspection process, we show you the openings we locate. We recommend that you hire a licensed contractor to seal the openings. After exclusion, we implement a trapping program to capture all activity that has entered the structure. We strategically and very carefully place traps to effectively capture rodents as they can avoid traps in some cases. The final step is to make recommendations on what changes can be made to deter rodents. Conducive conditions are factors contributing to the presence of rodents at your location. Give us a call today for a quote. We can complete a full inspection and propose a rodent treatment program that will rid your location of rodents. 

Ongoing Pest Control Services available in Bakersfield, and some surrounding areas. One Time specialty services available in Wasco, Shafter, Delano, Mcfarland, and Arvin.

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