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 Fumigation: Your home, business, or apartment complex can be fumigated for Bed Bugs. This process lasts four  days. During the fumigation process, all persons must vacate the premises for the entire process.  A tarp is put over  the entire property and Vikane gas is pumped into the structure. The benefit of fumigation is that the gas that is used  will go through all walls and treat absolutely everything and leave no residue behind. 

 Manual Treatment: All rooms are treated manually. All furniture items and cracks/crevices are treated using steam,  a Bed Bug Hepafilter Vacuum, and residual materials. 

 Bed Bug Treatment Guarantee: All Bed Bug Services (If Preparation Instructions are Followed) will be guaranteed for 30 days  following the service date. If you have any activity after 7-10 days following service, Wow Pest Control will return to treat the problem  areas. 

Bed Bug pest Control bakersfield

 Are There Bed Bugs In Bakersfield?

 Yes. Unfortunately they are here. Concerns regarding bed bugs have increased drastically over the last  several years. On average, we've experienced 15-20 phone calls per month regarding bed bug activity in  Bakersfield alone. They've made their way to our area  attached to suitcases, clothing, and furniture.  People usually bring them home after staying at a hotel or home that is currently infested. Bed bugs are  insects that can be difficult to correctly identify, and are difficult to control without the help of a  professional pest control company. Wow Pest Control has extensive experience with Bed Bug Control  and we are able to provide you with several different options. 

 How Do I Know If I Have Bedbugs?

 It's always best to contact a pest control professional that is licensed and trained to identify bed bugs.  There are some signs that you may have them. You may find red or black blood spots on your bedding.  These spots are their fecal matter. You may also notice bites on your skin (usually in a straight lined  pattern). Welts usually tend to show a few days after being bit and will cause an itch.  The other way you  may notice them is by finding actual live activity. Live activity or eggs can be found in the seams of your  mattress, cracks of the bedframe or hidden in crevices of other furniture items. If you have a specimen  that you would like identified, put it in a plastic container with rubbing alcohol and contact a Wow Pest  Control Professional for bed bug identification.

 What Do Bed Bugs Do?

 Bed bugs are parasites that are primarily active at night in search of a host. Their food is the blood of  humans or animals (their host). How do they find their host? Bed Bugs are attracted to the carbon  dioxide that exits their hosts from breathing while asleep. Once they find their host, they use their saliva  which contains a mild anesthetic to numb the skin. After numbness takes effect, they penetrate the skin  using a beak and feed on average for 5-10 Minutes. After feeding, they return to hiding.  Before a blood  meal, they tend to be flat and are easily able to hide in cracks or seams of mattresses, dressers, picture  frames, or other furniture items with no problem. After feeding on their host they become engorged and  are about the size of an apple seed.