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bee pest control bakersfield
bee pest control bakersfield
Bee Pest Control Bakersfield

Bees Infesting the Inside of a Home:

             Swarming Bees

 Bees are very beneficial insects that assist with the agricultural process.  During the springtime they pollinate our crops and make it possible for them to bloom. They can become dangerous though when infesting a structure like a home or business. On occasion they'll find a void in a wall, enter an attic, or swarm around in search of creating a new home. Once they've established their hive, they are there for the long run. Wow Pest Control has extensive experience treating and removing bee hives. It's important to have proper equipment and materials to carry out a bee removal service. It is also very important to notify a pest control professional immediately after you notice bee activity around your home or business. The process of removing a bee hive becomes much more extensive after a hive has been allowed to establish itself for several years. It's important to understand that they are also producing honey within their hive. The longer you allow a hive to be built, the more honey that will drip after the hive is treated. This can cause moisture inside of walls or attics. Have you seen Bee activity around your home causing concerns?  Call Wow Pest Control Today For a Free Estimate: 661-418-7378


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Bee Control Bakersfield, Pest Control Bakersfield
Bee Control Bakersfield, Pest Control Bakersfield

Performing a Bee Exclusion from the chimney:

Bees Infesting a tool shed